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This is a very special moment for me! This is the first blog that I have ever written! How exciting! It is something that I have wanted to do for a long time, but wasn’t sure how to do it, where or even, when. And finally, now here I am.

Like in differential calculus, our lives have inflection points too: those moments where, due to events or new insight, suddenly everything is turned around or looks different. These inflection points can be “achievements” but they don’t need to be. Often, they are mixed, bitter-sweet moments of self-understanding and emotional arrival. I have had a fair amount of it too…

It all began five years ago in 2007, when I left my home city Mumbai to work as a management trainee in a leading multinational company in Guadalajara, Mexico.  I lived there for nearly nine months, sufficient enough to fulfill my wish of polishing my spoken Spanish skills and getting to know Mexico and its rich culture better. During this period, I travelled intensively across the beautiful country covering most of its amazing destinations including its five southern states in the region popularly known as “The Maya World”.

My Mexican experience was one of the crucial inflection points in my life. It brought out the writer in me when I returned to India. I wrote about my life and travels in Mexico but I couldn’t stop there. So, I did intensive research on the country, its history, culture and cuisine. After a year and a half in June 2010, I was ready with my epic book “MEXICO” which is now presented as a three book series on Mexico titled “Discovering MEXICO”, “MEXICO: The Country, Its History And The Maya World” and “A Guide To Mexican Cuisine”.

After putting an enormous amount of hard work in my writing, I travelled within my country to the exotic destination of Ladakh, and soon afterwards to the scenic states in the North-East. These adventure trips were of a special kind as they were enjoyed in the august company of the Indian Army.

Then in 2011, I completed my romance fiction novel, “The Blue-Eyed Prince Of Natlife”.

Swarupa's Four EBooks

And now in 2012, I have finally started my first blog!

Today, when I look back and recollect the past, I realize that none of my earlier travelling adventures, whether within India or abroad, had prompted me to write a book, the way my Mexican experience did. So I am thankful for that phase in life. And now, I am the author of four soon-to-be-published books and my first-ever blog to boot!

It’s going to be fun sharing my world with you, outside the context of a book.  I will be sharing my thoughts, my Mexican experience (of course!), my travel adventures, and my varied interests which include world travel, food, world history and culture, science, cosmology, spirituality – things which I know you may find useful with your family, friends, colleagues, etc.

Please feel free to comment on this blog. Considering that it’s my first blog post ever, I would like to see comments/suggestions from you! 🙂

I’ll end the blog with a link of tango music which is an all-time favourite of mine. I hope you will love it too! Ojos Negros

That’s it for now. Thank you and I hope you enjoy your visit! As I said, feedback is most welcome 🙂