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Wow, it feels great to see my blog cross over the magic mark of 1000 hits! Thank you so much, my dear readers!

It’s been 43 days since I started this blog on the 1st of July. Clustrmaps shows that from the 6th of July till today, this blog has been visited by 266 people from 20 countries around the world with the largest number of visitors coming from the US. Thank you, my dear American readers!

I’ve really enjoyed writing this blog and I’ve to admit that I’m a bit addicted to refreshing my blog to see if anyone has liked, commented or even followed. It gives me a major thrill to see visitors from all over the world checking out my blog. I don’t have a huge army of followers yet but that doesn’t disappoint me. I see no harm in shameless self-promotion to publicise my products – my four books! I like to talk about my books and give each of them a bit of publicity – which writer doesn’t? – but my posts aren’t just about making my books popular. I enjoy blogging and I feel happy seeing people read each of them. It’s like getting connected with people from all over the world, without actually knowing them. Till now, my posts have been all about Mexico – travel, cuisine, culture …and there’s lot more on the way.

Two weeks ago, UK’s Wanderlust Magazine chose my blog post “Mexico’s amazing mariachi rodeo” as their “Blog of the Week”. Wanderlust features a travel related guest Blog of the Week, every week on its website. When they publish the selected blog, it automatically gets entered in their Travel Blog of the Year competition, the result of which will be announced at the London Destinations Show in early February 2013. So, I’m keeping my fingers crossed 🙂

You can help me get the award of the “Most Popular Travel Blog of the Year” by visiting this page  as many times as possible so that it gets more hits! The score is based on unique page views, time on page and bounce rate and the competition will run until 1st January 2013. So please share this with your family and friends!

Thanks for your wonderful, kind response to some of my posts on Mexican cuisine. I still have so much more to share with you about Mexico and my Mexican Experience. So, do keep visiting me as often as possible 🙂

Besides Facebook  and Twitter, I’m also active on Tumblr  and Pinterest so please join me there too. For those of you who may have missed my Introduction post, here’s a bit About Me 

Thanks for reading and I hope to see you again soon. Maybe you’d like to leave a comment, follow or hopefully both.

I’ll leave you with a lovely old song which is also one of the first universal popular hits. It has been sung and recorded in many languages of the world. Here’s the German version which is my dad’s favourite since his younger days. La Paloma

Have a great weekend…and take very good care of yourself 🙂