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If you think dogs cannot demonstrate their hurt or anger, then think again….

Nine years ago, I was holidaying in Manali, the heavenly, alpine mountain resort nestled in the mighty Himalayan ranges, in the Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. It was early March and the region was still snow-covered. It was late afternoon at the time of this incident…

I was relishing upon a cream scone purchased from a nearby bakery. Suddenly, a skinny black stray dog appeared in front of me. He looked hungrily at the half-eaten scone in my hand and gave me an expectant look. I walked past him and came upon few other stray dogs, all of them looking cute and cuddly. One among them was an Old English sheepdog with thick shaggy grey and white fur covering his face and eyes. He looked so cute that I stopped to give him the rest of my scone. The other dogs looked on as the white dog happily pounced upon the small piece of scone.

Suddenly, the black stray stood before me, his head turned up towards me, eyes angry and hurt. His face read, ‘When I asked for it you didn’t give it to me and now you offered it to him so readily. Why didn’t you give it to me?’ I was shocked and stunned!

Suddenly, I felt smaller than the black stray. I didn’t know whom I had hurt more, the black stray or myself. I wasn’t sure who was hurting more – the black stray or me!

I hurried towards the bakery and purchased another cream scone. This one, just for the black dog! I went back to where he was standing sad and morose. I placed the scone before him and he pounced on it hungrily. He didn’t even look up to say thanks. I smiled.

It didn’t matter that he hadn’t demonstrated his gratitude. What matter most was that suddenly I felt king-size!!! My conscience was clear and my heart was singing again. I was in love with myself again! The black stray got more than what he had wanted so I guess he was happy too.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this post 🙂 and I’m sure you’ll enjoy this awesome video too :  Awesome dogs

Until we meet again…do take very good care of yourself 🙂