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Presidencia De La Republica

This is the letter that I received from the office of the Mexican ex-president, Felipe Calderon in January 2011 in response to my Christmas present to the then Mexican president – my more than 135000-worded epic book ‘Mexico’. Written on behalf of the president, the letter conveys his warm appreciation of my huge book which he said would strengthen the friendship between India and Mexico.

It’s been a year and eleven months since I received this wonderful letter. My epic book has undergone a few changes during the period. It is now a ‘three eBook series’ on Mexico titled ‘Discovering Mexico’, ‘Mexico: The Country, Its History & The Maya World’ and ‘A Guide To Mexican Cuisine’. These three books contain over 65 to 105 photographs each, some courtesy the ‘Mexican Tourism Board’, the ‘State Tourism Board of Jalisco’ and a few Mexican friends.

At my Facebook page http://facebook.com/TheEpicBookMEXICO  which I created in January 2012, visitors can read about the book contents and purchase the books besides enjoying a good read of the posts on Mexico. And of course, the books are available here too.

I was very fortunate to meet President Calderon in 2007 at the inaugural function of the FIL, the International Book Fair of Guadalajara. At that time, I never imagined that I would be writing three books on Mexico a few years down the line. You can read my previous posts on my ‘FIL 2007 Experience’ here:  Cheek Kissing the Mexican President  and Meeting Gabriel García Márquez at the FIL 2007

I’m very grateful to Felipe Calderon for his support and warm appreciation of my books.

Thank you, Felipe. It was a great pleasure meeting you. My best wishes to you for the future.