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Xochimilco (soh-chee-meel-koh) is the southern district of Mexico City. The main attraction in Xochimilco are the ‘floating gardens’ called chinampas (chee-nahm-pahs) and the brightly-painted gondolas called trajineras (tra-hee-neh-rahs)  that navigate the old canals. These date back to the times of the Aztecs and give us an idea of how Mexico City looked when the Spanish conquistadores first arrived. Xochimilco is an Aztec name meaning ‘Place of the flowers’ and it is very apt – the region is a very important floriculture and gardening centre for the city. There are many garden centres around and the markets are flooded with lovely flowers and fresh fruits, especially on Saturday, the market day. The gardens are a popular weekend haunt of the city’s inhabitants.

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