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Hey guys 🙂 hope you enjoyed reading my previous post on The Archaeological Zone of Monte Albán in Oaxaca

Today’s post is on the Zapotec ruins of Mitla which lie just outside the town of San Pablo Villa de Mitla, about kms from Oaxaca City

The Archaeological Zone of Mitla in Oaxaca

The name ‘Mitla’ or ‘Mictlan’ is of Nahuatl origin and means ‘Place of the Dead.’ In Zapotec, it is called ‘Lyobaa’ which means ‘Burial Place’. It is considered as the fabled home of Mictlantecuhtle, Lord of The Underworld.

Mitla was the second most important ceremonial centre after Monte Albán. It was a religious centre, run almost entirely by priests who spent most of their time undertaking human sacrifices, often by extracting live hearts from the victims being sacrificed, and depositing them in a pit of fire as an offering to the gods. The ruins are of Zapotec and Mixtec origin, and date back to around 600 BC.

The Archaeological Zone of Mitla in Oaxaca 4

Mitla is known for its fret-ornamented structures and its most unique feature is the rich variety of geometric stone mosaics that are displayed throughout the different buildings in the site.

The Archaeological Zone of Mitla in Oaxaca 3

The Archaeological Zone of Mitla in Oaxaca 5

The Archaeological Zone of Mitla in Oaxaca 6

The Archaeological Zone of Mitla in Oaxaca 2

The main attraction is the Grupo de las Columnas (Group of columns) which includes Patio de Mosaicos (Patio of Mosaics), Sala de las Columnas (Hall of Columns) and the Columna de la Vida (Column of Life).

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