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Discovering Mexico is Swarupa’s chronicle which began with her new life in the Mexican city of Guadalajara and her wide exploration of the country she lived in for nine months in 2007-08.

Cosmopolitan Mexico City, world-class beach resorts, charming mountain resorts, beautiful colonial cities, amazing archaeological zones, mesmerizing Maya ruins, colourful indigenous markets…there is never a dull moment for her as she explores each place with immense gusto.

At each turn, new situations arise, requiring keen perception, quick thinking, and ingenuity. When she explores new places and meets new people, she paints each of them with rich descriptions. Her incurable wanderlust leads her on a three-week adventurous trail covering seven culturally rich southern states of Quintana Roo, Yucatan, Campeche, Tabasco, Chiapas, Oaxaca and Veracruz, the first five of which fall under the region of ‘the Maya world’.

Discovering Mexico is both a celebration of the joys and revelations to be found in this inexhaustibly interesting country. This immensely pleasurable and entertaining eBook falls into many categories…it is about Mexico, Mexican memoirs, Mexican travel, Mexican history and culture, Mexican food and drinks and of course – Mexicans!

With more than 100 coloured photographs, black and white political and geographical sketch maps of Mexico, a black and white sketch map of Swarupa’s three-week trip, black and white sketch maps of the seven southern states and two extensive glossaries – of Spanish words used in this book and their Mexican Spanish pronunciation – this thoroughly informative eBook is a must-read for everyone.

Some of the photographs in this book belong to the Mexican Tourism Board and the permission to reproduce them in this book was specially given by the ex-Tourism Minister of Mexico, Gloria Guevara.

This book has received warm appreciation from the ex-President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, the Mexican Tourism Board and the Embassy of Mexico in India.

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