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Hey guys, hope you’re doing absolutely great! 🙂

Me too… right now, I am thrilled! It gives me immense joy and satisfaction to share this post with you. Why? Because it is my 100th post on this blog which I created last year on the 1st of July.

Firstly, a very big “Thank you” to all my readers and followers of this blog for the wonderful support and encouragement! I hope you enjoyed reading all my posts and found them interesting, informative and at the same time entertaining. As for me, I had great fun sharing them with you and look forward to bringing you some more great stuff for a good reading. Like today… I have something very special and surprising!

Today, I’m going to share with you a few of my deepest secrets so that you’ll get to know me better and know me for what I am, not for what you think I am nor for what you think I am not…

So here’s to knowing me better 😉

Swarupa's e-books

For those of you who have dropped in here for the first time, here’s a brief profile of yours truly…

I’m from Mumbai, India. A self-published author of three ebooks on Mexico titled Discovering Mexico, Mexico: The Country, Its History & The Maya World, and A Guide To Mexican Cuisine which are available for sale on this blog and on my Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/TheEpicBookMEXICO.  I got into book writing in 2008. This was four months after my return from Mexico where I had spent nearly nine months, some of them travelling solo across the country. I dedicated a year and a half to my labour of love – an epic book on Mexico – which I finally completed in June 2010 and subsequently converted into a three ebook series on Mexico. These books were warmly appreciated by the Mexican ex-President Felipe Calderon (I had the wonderful opportunity to meet him at the International Book Fair 2007 in Guadalajara), the Mexican Tourism Board as well as from the Embassy of Mexico in India. I have also written a romance fiction novel, The Blue-Eyed Prince Of Natlife which is available for sale on this blog. It revolves around the lives of foreign interns in India.

I’m a polyglot… I speak English, Spanish, German, French, Italian and Indian languages like Marathi and Hindi.

I’m a great fan of salsa and Latin ballroom dancing. One of my dreams is to dance tango with my beloved along the banks of the river Seine in Paris 🙂

There is a bit of craziness in me and I love it because it makes my life exciting. And I love like-minded people I can be weird with 🙂

I have a sweet, childlike voice which would melt a listener’s heart and a ready smile to charm any snooty crossing my path 🙂 When I smile at a sad face of a stranger, be it a girl or a guy, and see it change into a surprised happy face, it makes my day!

I’m an intrepid traveller. When I travel I like to get to know the people of that place, their culture and not just admire the surrounding beauty. I have been to some really beautiful places but the memories have now been relegated to photos. Surprisingly, my most memorable travel moments have been those that haven’t been captured on a camera or a cell phone. Where you travel to, how you travel or how often you travel is inconsequential…the highlight is: what travel makes you! I can safely say that it has made me very unique 😉

I’m a creative person inspired by music and fine arts. I’m not much into diamonds, precious or semi-precious stones but I love to admire beautiful creations of jewellery for all the hard work and effort that has gone into its making.

I do everything with passion or I don’t do it at all. If at all the passion is missing, it means I’m not supposed to be doing it.

I love unconditionally because in the end what matters is how much you loved. I put the past behind me and move on with life because in the end what matters is how gracefully you let go of things not meant for you.

I’m a born optimist. In difficult times, I keep reminding myself that I have been through tougher times so why give up now.

I love challenges and look forward to new adventures to test my strengths 🙂

I like to keep my mind and body fit under any circumstances. It is most important… it not only helps you deal battering storms but also allows you to enjoy the good times thereafter.

I forgive and forget very quickly but I’m not blind to the scars. At times when I forget about them, life sees to it that I don’t.

In times of uncertainty, I’m guided by my intuition.

As a child, I grew up reading stories of bravery, courage and wisdom. My childhood heroes were astute warriors like Shivaji, Alexander the Great, Napoleon and Rommel. Besides World history fascinated me. When I started researching the similarities between ancient Indian culture and the Maya Civilization for my epic book in 2009, I hit upon an exciting path which led me deep into the mysteries of life and civilization on Earth. Now, history no longer fascinates me for I know that LIFE GOES ON! When I was doing my exciting research on the ancient mysteries of life, I got so immersed in the deep knowledge that I received from the internet each time I clicked a relevant link, I felt like a spinning top getting sucked into a whirling wormhole. Fifteen hours a day weren’t enough for me to absorb all the heavy-duty information. My curiosity was driving me to seek answers to the many questions on my mind. It was also leaving me tired and exhausted. A week of this strenuous mental exercise was enough for me to take a decision: forget finding answers to the mystery and accept the mystery!

I believe in reincarnation. I also love the Mexican tradition of “Dia de los Muertos” (Day of the Dead), which honours and celebrates loved ones who have departed. In India, Hindus follow the custom of “Shraddha” by offering food to crows, who are considered ancestors in Hinduism.

While taking decisions I’m not guided by emotions; rather, by what I feel is right given the situation. You won’t believe it but I learnt the joys of observation from a dog. One day, I was standing on the terrace of a house, watching a small puppy trying hard to pass through the front gate to his mother who was sitting on the other side, waiting for him. Half an hour passed by. The pup kept stumbling and falling down not knowing which way to go. I was getting restless, watching the scene. There he was getting hurt and his mother was just not bothered. At times she yawned, got up, walked around for a while and then returned to the same place. She could have pushed open the gate and let the pup pass through but she did no such thing. She just sat there and observed him sometimes making encouraging noises. The pup was whining and whimpering. I had a strong urge to push open the gate and put an end to his misery. But my good intentions would have interfered with his learning process and prevented his growth, doing him harm. He was probably receiving his biggest lesson from his mother who was pushing him to grow and be independent.  After about 45 minutes, the pup was united with his mother. They were overjoyed and cuddled each other, indulging in playfulness. As for me, my legs were aching but I felt a glow within me. I had learnt a very important lesson: sometimes, it is best to wait and watch! A naturally ripened mango tastes sweeter than the one whose maturity is hastened by ripeners.

Since a very long time, I have lost all feelings of shame. I hardly ever get embarrassed and never get ashamed of anything. I haven’t blushed for ages but I do make guys blush 😉 Once I was visiting Allahabad with an upset stomach thanks to some sweet delicacies of Benares. After a boat trip to the Sangam (the confluence of rivers Ganges and Yamuna) and a few temple visits, I badly needed to visit the washroom. I went to Anand Bhavan in the hope of finding a washroom in the premises. Unfortunately, the place was closed or something. So I went to the City Museum knowing that it would definitely have a washroom. Once there, I immediately asked for the washroom and was quick to follow the directions only to find a gents’ washroom. There had to be a ladies’ nearby but I really wasn’t interested in searching anymore. Thankfully, there was nobody inside when I entered. But when I was leaving I felt someone’s eyes on me. Someone at the urinal with wide bulging eyes staring at me as if I were a ghost or something. When I walked out, a few passer-byes looked at me in shock and disbelief. Yet I didn’t experience something called “embarrassment”.  The only thing I felt was plain relief! 🙂

I consider myself to be a man of principle. I’m not a rare and exotic species; rather, a limited edition. I highly value loyalty and honesty when it is displayed without expecting anything in return.

Certain things like forming opinions about people and acting on the basis of what you hear are universal but I’m an exception to this aspect of human nature.

I’m a lonely person but I know I’m not alone. I accept my loneliness the same way as I accept the good and the bad in life…with a pinch of salt 😉

I prefer being hated for what I am than being loved for what I am not. I would like people to accept me for what I am and not expect me to be someone I am not.


That’s it, guys 😉 There is a lot more to me than I can say and I think this small dose of ME should suffice for the moment 😉 By the way, I hope I haven’t bored you…if I did, please accept my deepest apologies 🙂

Thank you very much for visiting my blog! Take care and see you soon…and do keep visiting 🙂