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Hey guys 🙂

Today, I have a sweet little post to share with you…it’s about my parents 🙂

Meet my parents!

To start with, let me tell you that my parents celebrated 50 years of marriage last May.

Here’s an old photo of my mom, Sunanda, at the age of 19, holding an Indian classical dancer doll handcrafted by her 🙂

Swarupa's Mother

My mom was only 19 when she left her home city, Mumbai to teach doll-making and other handicrafts to the Adivasis (tribal women) in Ranchi, in the east Indian state of Jharkhand. That was some time in 1961. She had learnt the beautiful art at a handicraft institute in Bandra, Mumbai. Here are a few of her drawings of her 50 different types of handicraft work. Among them…

Birds and animals (elephant, duck, zebra…)

Toy animals

Regional Indian dolls (Manipuri, Rajasthani, Kathiawadi…)

Regional Indian Dolls

Western dolls (Dutch, English…)

Western Dolls

Regional Indian attire (Kashmiri, gypsy…)

Regional Dresses

Cake cover…

Cake Cover

Cane work…

Cane weaving

And in 1962, on a visit to Jamshedpur, she met a 29 year old tall, dark and handsome man who had a short time ago, returned from West Germany after spending almost two years working there. This is him…my dad, Narendra 🙂

Swarupa's Father

My dad had gone to West Germany in 1959 by ship (air travel was non-existent!). In 1960, he was featured in this newspaper “Mulheimer Stadtnachrichten”

Newspaper Mulheimer Stadtnachrichten

Here’s the newspaper article…

My dad in Mulheimer Stadtnachrichten

My dad in Mulheimer Stadtnachrichten

Swarupa's dad

My dad in Mulheimer Stadtnachrichten

Coming to recent past, here’s me with my parents last May on the day of their 50th Wedding Anniversary…

Swarupa & her Parents

And a family photo : my parents, brother – Milind (the eldest sibling), sisters – Shilpa (eldest sister, seated next to me) and Swapna (elder sister) and yours truly (the youngest sibling)…

Swarupa's family

Well, guys, that’s the end of this short introduction of my parents 🙂

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Thanks so much for dropping by 🙂 Take care and see you soon 🙂


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