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Hey Guys 🙂 Guess what? Swarupa’s World turns two years old today!!! 🙂

It’s been two years ago since my first post !!! I really can’t believe that this wonderful blog of mine has been around two years. But, here we are 😉

Thank You

Thank you very much, my dear fans, for your continuous support and feedback. I really appreciate it 🙂

When I started blogging back in July 2012 I had no idea about where this blogging journey would take me. Two years on, I’ve learnt so much about blogging, writing and social media. Writing is one of my creative outlets and I try to improve it with each passing day.

I know that my style of writing is different than many other people. I’ve received some really beautiful and deeply touching emails and comments about my blog from fans and readers across the world. It makes my day when I read how my blog has inspired them to do something similar.

Coming to the contents of the blog, most of my posts are about travel, food, culture, history, life, philosophy and… a bit about me!

Mexico has featured prominently on my blog till now, covering Mexican travel, food, culture, history, Mexican people and their lifestyle, etc. It’s just a tiny part compared to the details featured in my three books on Mexico:

Discovering Mexico

Mexico: The Country, Its History & The Maya World and

A Guide To Mexican Cuisine


Among various other posts on Mexico you can read about the federal district of Mexico City; Guadalajara, Puerto Vallarta, Ajijic and Mazamitla in the state of Jalisco; Cancun, Xcaret and Tulum in the state of Quintana Roo; Merida, Chichen Itza, Uxmal and Kabah in the state of Yucatan; Campeche City and Edzna in the state of Campeche; Villahermosa in the state of Tabasco; San Cristobal de las Casas and Palenque in the state of Chiapas; Oaxaca City, Teotitlan, Monte Alban and Mitla in the state of Oaxaca; Veracruz City and El Tajin in the state of Veracruz; Acapulco in the state of Guerrero; Puebla City & Cholula in the state of Puebla; Morelia and Janitzio Island in the state of Michoacan; Zacatecas City in the state of Zacatecas; Guanajuato City, Dolores Hidalgo and San Miguel de Allende in the state of  Guanajuato.


I’ve also posted a lot about India covering travel in Ladakh, North-East, North India, South India ; Indian food; Indian culture, etc.

Besides the above, you can read a bit about me and my personal stories 🙂

There plenty more stuff on my blog so do check it out at leisure. You know you can use the search window to explore older posts, or click on the different categories on the side bar on any page. By the way, some time back my blog crossed 1000 likes. I hope that you’ll help in doubling the number soon enough. So go ahead and explore my blog 😉

Now I’d like to share with you some of my blog statistics…

Till date I’ve posted 123 times and my blog till this moment has received 40271 views from fans and readers in 141 countries around the world. Woooahh, 141 countries!!!

And as per ClustrMaps from 6 July 2012 onwards till today, my blog has received 19,438 visits from all around the world.  Most of the visitors are from the United States with India following closely behind. And I’ve visitors from so many faraway places…check it out here 

By the way, my blog has been visited by readers from all the states of the United States of America, the United Kingdom and Australia. With the exception of two states in India and one each in Mexico and Canada, I’ve received visitors from all the rest of the states in the respective countries. Here’s a list of the top ten visiting countries:

  1. United States
  2. India
  3. Mexico
  4. United Kingdom
  5. Canada
  6. Australia
  7. France
  8. Germany
  9. Singapore
  10. United Arab Emirates

The all-time ten most popular posts with my readers are:

1. Similarities between Mexican and Indian Cuisine – Part I

2. Las Mañanitas: The Mexican Birthday Song

3. Provecho – The Mexican “Bon Appétit”

4. Bullfighting in Mexico

5. My Travel Diary – Dalhousie to McLeodganj

6. Similarities in Ancient Hindu and Latin American Architecture

7. Legend of “El Callejon del Beso” in Guanajuato, Mexico

8. Similarities between the Hindu & the Maya Culture

9. The Famous Rugs of Teotitlán del Valle, Mexico

10. Similarities between Mexican and Indian Cuisine – Part II


See what you like? Would you like to know more about me as an author?

Author, blogger and book reviewer Rosie Amber from England has a beautiful blog that you might like to check out. Last year I was one of the many authors she interviewed on her blog.

Here’s the link for the interview on my three books on Mexico : http://rosieamber.wordpress.com/2013/08/27/guest-author-swarupa-n-ovalekar

Last September Rosie along with American writer Stephanie Hurt did a “Romancing September” tour in which I was featured as a romance writer for my book “The Blue-Eyed Prince of Natlife”

Here are the links for the interviews on my romance book: http://rosieamber.wordpress.com/2013/09/11/romancing-september-author-swarupa-n-ovalekar-day-11



Swarupa’s World has been a beautiful journey in the digital world. The reward is being on the first page in the Google search result! Definitely an achievement to be proud of, right!? 😉

My future goals for my blog are pretty simple… grow my traffic on Swarupa’s World by writing great content and continue doing what I’ve been doing, only better.

Well guys, once again thank you very much for your continuous support and feedback. I hope you join me for another year of blogging! Keep visiting, I love it 🙂

See you soon, till then take care 🙂