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Hey guys, Hope you’re doing great 🙂

Today I’m going to share with you all my experience in teaching…Spanish! 😉

It all began in early 2003 when I enrolled myself in a Spanish language institute in my home city of Mumbai. By the time I completed the superior levels in 2006, I was already teaching the basic levels at the same institute. It was a wonderful experience! Most of the time my students happened to be school kids. As a matter of fact, I was the Spanish teacher at a famous International Baccalaureate School for a brief period.

In 2007 I went to Mexico. After working in a Mexican company in Guadalajara for six months, I thought of picking up a teaching job…as an English teacher!


It was mid-February. I visited two private schools and submitted my resume to the school heads. Both were ladies. They were impressed with my Spanish and the fact that I had come from India. But it was mid-semester and I would have to wait for a few months till the start of the next one. Still, I filled and submitted the application forms. I got a look around the schools which were well equipped with swimming pools among other things.

I visited a small private school just in case they required an English teacher. They didn’t. But after going through my resume the school head asked me to join them the following week to teach Economics and Business Management to 16 – 17 year old kids. I didn’t see any problem in teaching Business Management in Spanish but Economics in Spanish was a bit too much for me. It was very nice of the school head to compliment my Spanish. He said I would get all the material for the subject and I just had to go through it and teach the kids. Easier said than done, I wasn’t so sure about my Spanish skills for Economics so I declined the offer.

Next, I tried my luck at the Universidad Autónoma de Guadalajara (UAG) in the English faculty. They were helpful and took my application for the next semester. Meanwhile I took the opportunity of looking around the sprawling campus. It housed a football stadium where the University team, Tecos, played their matches. The most memorable place for me was the library with free and unlimited internet access, for it was here that I planned my beautiful trip through the seven south-eastern states of Mexico. The library’s map of Mexico helped me a lot. The first day I entered the place I thought the staff would ask me for my ID but thankfully and much to my surprise they let me in just like that. So for three days I surfed the net to my heart’s content and lunched at the University canteen.

There was a Berlitz language school near my place so I went there. The director, a nice Frenchman, said they had English teachers but required someone to teach French. I knew the language so I said yes.  I told him I was going to be travelling for a month or more and he said he would get back to me thereafter.

And then I went on my wonderful trip. On my return, I was undecided whether to wait for a few months till the term started or return home to India. I opted for the latter. It was a fruitful decision because a lot of wonderful things happened to me thereafter. I wrote four books (three book series on my Mexican travel and experience, Mexican cuisine and all about Mexico and… a romance fiction), travelled with the Indian Army in Ladakh and North-East India and visited interesting places I hadn’t been to before in India (check out my travelogues on this blog).

Last year I was attending a seminar on digital media. A lady in her 30s approached me. She said I had been her Spanish teacher! She mentioned the place where I had taken the weekend classes. Then I recollected that I had taught her batch of students for only 3 days. And yet she remembered me after almost 7-8 years! It felt very nice…see, I had been a great teacher! 🙂

Well guys, that’s it! I hope you enjoyed reading this post 🙂

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