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Hey guys, I’ve great news for you 🙂

A “MEXICO+LOVE” contest!!!

MEXICO (my three e-books on Mexico) + LOVE (my romance e-book), that’s the prize 😉

Four lucky winners around the world will receive a free copy of their choice of my four e-books 🙂

The contest starts today and will end at 12 midnight (Indian Standard Time) on Wednesday 29th of this month.

It’s simple. Just email me at mexicobooks@gmail.com with your choice of my four e-books, stating your interest in that particular e-book in less than 300 words.

My MEXICO+LOVE contest is open for all around the world. But for my romance ebook, participants need to be 18 years and above, and their email should state this in clear words.

Winners will be intimated individually through email on the 30th of this month.

For all those who aren’t aware, here’s a bit about my four e-books:

My three e-books (in PDF format) on Mexico are available on this blog & my Facebook Pagehttps://www.facebook.com/TheEpicBookMEXICO

My fourth e-book (in PDF format), a romance fiction, is available only on this blog. 

Click on the book titles to read the book synopsis and sample chapters.

Read about my life and travel experience in Mexico in :  Discovering Mexico

Discovering Mexico : US$ 16.97 (or the equivalent value in your currency)

Read all about Mexico, Mexicans and their culture, ancient and modern Mexican history, and the ancient Maya Civilization in :

Mexico - The Country, Its History & the Maya World

Mexico: The Country, Its History & The Maya World US$ 7.97 (or the equivalent value in your currency)

Read all about Mexican food and drinks and its history in:

A Guide To Mexican Cuisine A Guide To Mexican Cuisine US$ 5.97 (or the equivalent value in your currency)

Read the beautiful romance story of an Indian businessman and a Mexican intern, set in India’s most cosmopolitan city, Mumbai.

Watch the book trailer of this romance book:

The Blue-Eyed Prince Of Natlife

The Blue-Eyed Prince of Natlife US$ 4.99 (or the equivalent value in your currency)

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All the Best! I look forward to reading your emails. “Happy 14th of July” to all my French readers! Cheers 🙂 Have a wonderful day 🙂