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Hey Guys 😀

Today, I registered my team CHICAS FANTASTICAS for the Times Women’s Drive 2018 which will start on the 28th of April. Registration for this immensely popular annual women’s drive opened on the 7th of March and will end tomorrow. Only 190 cars are to be selected for the Mumbai to Goa drive and there are already more than 370 entries.  If you want to see my team – my elder sisters and I participating in it, please cast your vote right away by clicking on this link :


Voting is simple and won’t even take a minute. You just have to enter your mobile number, email id and click on VOTE 😀 If you have more than one mobile number, you can vote again but using another email. The same mobile number and email id cannot be repeated. Voting will be over in 24 hours from now, so do vote right away.

My team’s current position in the list of entries is 236, so we have a long way to reach well within the 190 mark. In this link, you can see my team’s ranking:


Your vote will give my team the unique experience of this women’s drive and support the cause of Breast Cancer Awareness.

After voting, please do share the link with your family, friends, WhatsApp groups, etc. so as to garner votes for my team. We will be very grateful for your support. In return, I will share our experiences of the exciting drive from Mumbai to Goa, so that you can be a part of our epic journey that celebrates the very spirit of being a woman.

So please, hurry up and vote and share the voting link 😀

Thank you so much 😀 Here’s the link again:



Have a great weekend, and keep visiting me 😀



GUYS!!! My team CHICAS FANTASTICAS has qualified for the Times Women’s Drive 2018 at No. 137 out of 190 selected cars 😀





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