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Hey guys 😀 It’s been quite a long time since my last post! I hope life’s been treating you great 😀

First of all, a BIG “Thank You” to all who have purchased my four eBooks 😀 I’m delighted that you all loved my books 😀 God Bless!

And now, I’m so happy to share this news: I have just brought out the revised edition of my eBooks!!! Great, huh? 😀 Going through my books again has been such a pleasurable time because sometimes, feeling stuck made me forget that I had written such beautiful books. All my intense hard work, time and effort is reflected in these books. Apologies for getting a wee bit sentimental here 😉

The motive behind the revised edition? I wanted my readers to discover MEXICO as it is NOW and not limit the information to some years ago 😀

The book buying links are already available on this blog. But I thought it would make things a bit easier for you if I shared the links in this post 😀

The eBook prices remain the same as before. Again, all prices are in US dollars or the equivalent cost in your currency. The eBook format remains the same. PDF.

You can buy my eBooks through PayPal: either through your PayPal account or by credit card.

E-junkie makes for a secure digital delivery. After a successful payment, you will immediately receive an email with the eBook link which will instantly download the PDF file.

Read eBook details:        DISCOVERING MEXICO

CLICK HERE TO BUY:   https://www.e-junkie.com/i/p6sy


CLICK HERE TO BUY:   https://www.e-junkie.com/i/p6vh

Read eBook details:        A GUIDE TO MEXICAN CUISINE

CLICK HERE TO BUY:   https://www.e-junkie.com/i/p6vr

Read eBook details:         THE BLUE-EYED PRINCE OF NATLIFE

CLICK HERE TO BUY:    https://www.e-junkie.com/i/pj1j


So guys, after going through the eBook details, you may have realized that you can discover all about Mexico through my 3 eBooks in just 30 US$ 😀 This small amount will greatly help you in planning your expensive Mexican holiday, preparing for life in Mexico or just discovering Mexico in the comfort of your home 😀

And not to forget, you will love my amazing love book too 😉

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Thanks for stopping by, I hope to see you back 😀