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Did you know, that like every other thing in the Universe, life too moves in circles? Which is why a certain environment comes about in a repeated manner. How you act upon it defines what you have become. If you had an unhappy childhood/youth phase, you get an opportunity to act differently when the same situation repeats itself at a later stage. If your attitude remains the same, the consequences remain the same. If your attitude reflects self-growth, the consequences change.

In my very first post, I had written:


“Like in differential calculus, our lives have inflection points too: those moments where, due to events or new insight, suddenly everything is turned around or looks different. These inflection points can be “achievements” but they don’t need to be. Often, they are mixed, bitter-sweet moments of self-understanding and emotional arrival.”

So when I look back, I wonder how I fared since my return from Mexico more than a decade ago in 2008. My younger friends in Mexico have done really well in their life and have scaled heights in their career.

Like Roxana, a Mexican friend from another state Hidalgo. We first met at FIL 2007:


and had a great time as I showed her Guadalajara for two days:


I visited her city, Pachuca and later spent New Year at her family hometown,

We even visited the Pyramids of Teotihuacan:


Today she’s a lawmaker of the ruling party in the State Legislature. I feel happy knowing her. Her appreciation for me makes me think about my own life journey. So I decided to write the main points of my journey after return from Mexico, from then till today.



2008 was a highly difficult year for me. In April-end, I returned home from Mexico, where I had spent many bitter-sweet moments in a very short period of nine months and travelled solo to amazing destinations, including all states of south and south-east Mexico. Well, almost half of Mexico,


Other than that, so emotionally difficult was that year, that later, whenever I faced difficulties, I would tell myself if you went through all that and still did well, what’s this problem in comparison?

The most memorable part in this period was my writing an epic book on Mexico and the knowledge that I gained of the ancient world while researching for this book. A very tough & trying time, but at the end of it, in 2010, I was rewarded with an enviable, unique and highly memorable opportunity of travelling with the Indian Army in Ladakh, LoC, Siachen Glacier Base Camp (which was strictly off limits for civilians in those days) and the North East.




Later, I wrote a romance fiction https://thegr8wall.wordpress.com/my-books/the-blue-eyed-prince-of-natlife/

and then I self-published all my books,


on this blog: https://thegr8wall.wordpress.com/2020/04/26/a-surprise-post/ where I write about travel 

history and culture https://thegr8wall.wordpress.com/international-history-art-culture/

food https://thegr8wall.wordpress.com/food-recipes/

my self https://thegr8wall.wordpress.com/about-my-life/ etc.

Some of the photographs for my Mexico books are courtesy the Mexican Tourism Board https://thegr8wall.wordpress.com/my-books/

Another grand achievement.



In the second half of 2013, I started my solo travels across India https://thegr8wall.wordpress.com/welcome-to-india/ and wrote about them on my blog, which was gaining popularity in India and abroad.

I covered all states of India by December 2015


So a nice personal achievement and dream fulfilment.

In 2013 and 2016, I met the Mexican Ambassadors of that period.

In 2015-16, after a great deal of planning and communication with authorities in Mexico, I received a wonderful opportunity of travelling through the northern states and other states that I hadn’t explored. Thanks to my blog! An almost magical three months’ sponsored trip from Nov 2016 through amazing states, some sponsored by the state government tourism boards of Baja California, Chihuahua, Jalisco, Nayarit, Sinaloa and Sonora, and others by the Grupo Posadas, Mexico’s largest and most important luxury hotel company. And I dropped it all because I didn’t get a sponsored air ticket and didn’t want to pay for it!

Dropping beautiful opportunities of living in Europe happened more than a dozen times in my past 30 years. It was gross stupidity. I have been my own enemy for a very long, long time, giving priority to other things. A little late in the realization that my life value and purpose is higher and incomparable. Self-growth matters!



In June 2017, I was privileged to welcome the arrival of the Mexican Navy’s Buque Escuela Velero ARM “CUAUHTÉMOC” (BE-01).

The Indian Navy’s official twitter account retweeted my coverage of the event

Ten days later, my blog turned 5, so I picked that date to celebrate with this post:


Ideally, I should have completed all my travelogues by 2016, but I could do so only by the end of Feb 2018 as I got distracted by never-ending problems.

In 2019, my blog crossed 500,000 views:


Apart from all of the above and knowing Elon Musk thanks to Twitter in Jan or Feb 2018, participating in a Mumbai to Goa womens’ car rally,” and attending the Mexican Embassy’s Mexican Independence Day celebrations, the entire period was a waste of time and money. Such a waste that it would be best not to devote attention to this period.



In Jan, I accomplished something that I had wanted to do in Dec 2015 at Salt Lake Stadium grounds in Kolkata. Wall climbing. And not just that, I did rope activities too… all this at Corbett in Uttarakhand. And despite being unwell and with a terrible lower back pain. Surprisingly, I didn’t feel any pain at all when I did the activities. The pain just vanished.

From 2020 onwards, it has been a journey nourished by knowledge in health and sciences. Biology, chemistry, physics, history geography….and creativity! Thanks to some amazing accounts on Twitter.

The knowledge on Cosmos that I had chosen to quell in 2009-2010, about past human civilizations and the Universe, returned… again thanks to some amazing accounts on Twitter, which spurred my imagination further in that direction.

So, did I fare well? I will just put it this way… What you “become” is the most important thing in life. And this is not related to any economic or social position, nor is it about material wealth or social influence and popularity. “Become” is the “heightened spiritual state of consciousness” within you.

Here’s something that will instantly prompt humility. This dot is our Planet Earth in the vast ever-changing Universe.

Now this is our Earth, just a tiny speck in our Milky Way galaxy.


You need to watch this video to understand how vast is our Universe.

Everything comes with an expiry date, and this goes for all living beings including plants and animals… and humans too! So making the best version of oneself will only mean helping the future generation.

The sad part is that human behaviour is rewarded for its sociability (selling value) and not for its imaginativity (creative value). Imagination is greater than knowledge. Because only humans can imagine. Other species are capable of gathering knowledge, so they are able to build amazing structures. For example, weaver birds build amazing intricate nests, but they cannot imagine to create a different type of intricate nest. Ditto for all other living species, except humans. Human civilizations evolve with high imagination capabilities and are retained through social contact. But when you only focus on social contact and ignore creative thinking, you merely create a civilization of “prancing monkeys without consciousness”.

So where was I? Right, talking about how I fared till today. Yes, I fared brilliantly, “becoming” what I’m. But if I had to advice my teenage self, I would say “Travel across the world. Go where your heart tells you to go, do what your heart tells you to do. Think about your self only, nothing else.”

I could have remained in Mexico or moved to the US or Canada (another Mexican friend, Alejandra, had an aunt (her mom’s sister) in Canada so her mom used to ask me if I wanted to go there)

With Alejandra’s mom, Alejandra and her twin sisters at their Christmas house party…

or travelled through South America to Argentina. “The Motorcycle Diaries” was one of my favourite books in those days and I had interacted with people of almost all South American countries during my work stint in Mexico


But I returned to my home country.

To those thinking of returning to their home country after spending a good spell abroad within a short time, I will say, “Are you nuts!? Stay where you are appreciated and enjoy a good life!”

I for one look forward to living abroad and making adventure trips across the world, period.



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