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It all began in September 2008, four months after my return from Mexico where I had lived for almost nine months, some of which were spent in travelling across the country.

Back in my home city of Mumbai, I was battling with post-vacation blues when I suddenly realized that I couldn’t let my experience of a lifetime slip away in oblivion. I had to write a book, which I did and I’m glad I did…it was catharsis for me! After nearly a year and a half in June 2010, I was ready with “MEXICO: A grand voyage through the fascinating land with ancient links to India”, a more than 135000 word epic book which received warm appreciation from the then Mexican President Felipe Calderon.

I soon realized that getting a book published is more difficult than writing it. I converted my epic book into three books: Discovering Mexico, Mexico: The Country, Its History & the Maya World, and A Guide to Mexican Cuisine. I completed The Blue-Eyed Prince of Natlife within three months in late-2011.

Well guys, this is my story… I never lose hope!

I thought about getting my books on Mexico digitally published as soon as possible before the end of the Maya calendar i.e. 21 December 2012. I had plenty of photographs of my own but I required some more relevant to the book contents. Fortunately for me, the then Mexican Tourism Minister, Gloria Guevara, was a wonderful and kind person. She authorized the Mexican Tourism Board to provide me photographs for my books. I got some from the State Tourism Board of Jalisco, from Los Sabores de Mexico and from other wonderful Mexicans. I worked hard alone day and night on all aspects of the ebooks and its presentation  – creating them perfectly fine both in content and appearance, designing the book covers, etc.

On 22nd November 2012, my three ebooks on Mexico became available for sale on my Facebook page through e-junkie which provides shopping cart and buy now buttons to let you sell downloads and tangible goods online. Four days later, on 26th November, I added the option of purchasing these three ebooks right here on this blog. And then on 1st January 2013, my romance ebook became available for sale on this blog. Check out my book trailer:

I have written plenty about Mexico on my blog and regularly share beautiful photographs and information on my Facebook page and Twitter so that people become aware about the beautiful country, its people, food and culture.

And as far as my romance book is concerned, love is a universal feeling so when you feel the need to read a love story, it is just a click, pay and download away…all done within a few minutes!

You can read my travel experiences and learn more about the many beautiful destinations in Mexico in my ebook (PDF format):

1 discovering mexico

Discovering Mexico  US$ 16.97 (or the equivalent value in your currency)

To know all about Mexico, here’s my ebook (PDF format):

2 Mexico book

Mexico: The Country, Its History & The Maya World  US$ 7.97 (or the equivalent value in your currency)

For Mexico’s food history, detailed information on Mexican food & drink and a few recipes, buy my ebook (PDF format):

3 mexican cuisine book

A Guide To Mexican Cuisine US$ 5.97 (or the equivalent value in your currency)

If you love reading romance novels and are a big fan of Mills & Boon novels, you will love my romance ebook (PDF format):

0 Love book

The Blue-Eyed Prince of Natlife US$ 4.99 (or the equivalent value in your currency)

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