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Hola 😀 Habla español ? Si? ¡Qué bien! 😀 No? Then you have reached the right place to learn the language from yours truly 😉

Now if your next question is “Why learn Spanish or any other new language for that matter?” 😀 Here’s my answer: Language-learning is a gateway to new experiences. Ergo, it should be a lifestyle change to be incorporated in your daily life 😉

And why Spanish? Because among all world languages, the popularity of the Spanish language is growing daily. From Spain to Mexico, southern USA, and countries in Central and South America (except Brazil) and most Caribbean countries…it is spoken worldwide. In fact, Spanish is the world’s second-most spoken native language after Mandarin Chinese.

Spanish is a useful language to know when doing business with Spanish-speaking countries, and a great way to strengthen a CV and improve career prospects.

In the USA alone, there are over 50 million people who speak Spanish as their native or second language. There are more Spanish speakers in the United States than in any other Spanish-speaking country, except Mexico. So there are more people speaking Spanish in the US than in Spain. Americans see and hear Spanish often (on signs, on the radio and TV, in conversations, etc.). Once you start learning a little Spanish, every encounter with the language is an opportunity to practice and improve and dive into Latino culture. Order Mexican food in Spanish, put on Spanish songs, etc.

Spanish is considered one of the easiest languages for a native English speaker to learn. The grammar and pronunciation are different from English, but simpler and more consistent. You can communicate a lot with simple grammar, so even before you have reached a high level of comprehension you will be able to communicate and express yourself. It’s easy to learn and easy to start speaking quickly. So it’s the best and most popular foreign language to learn.

Conversational Spanish is the ability to converse in Spanish using complete sentences. It is a very helpful skill if you are travelling to any Spanish-speaking country. Whether it’s ordering at a restaurant, shopping or making friends. Being prepared can help save you from saying, “I wish I spoke Spanish!”

Basic conversational Spanish skills focus on greetings, survival phrases, basic grammar, travel phrases and more. These are very helpful to those proceeding to the United States for further studies, those travelling to a Spanish-speaking country for leisure or work, businessmen/businesswomen, housewives, students, and all those keen on learning conversational Spanish for their profession or personal interests.

And did you know? I conduct both, Spanish – Basic, Intermediate and Advanced level classes as well as Conversational Spanish classes 🙂


My background in Spanish Language


I started learning Spanish in 2003 at Instituto Hispania in Mumbai and completed all levels of SpanishBasic, Intermediate, Advanced & Superior – in 2006. During this period, I also taught Basic and Intermediate level Spanish to students at the Institute. In 2007-2008, I was in Mexico working for Omnilife, a top Mexican multinational company at its corporate office in Guadalajara. On my return, I continued teaching and providing Spanish translation and interpretation services.

There are variations in the way Spanish is spoken in Spain and Latin America. Still, Spanish speakers of both worlds can communicate with each other well. All language institutes and schools in the world, excluding the American continent, teach Castilian Spanish, which is Spanish spoken in Spain. In India too, all Spanish language schools teach Castilian Spanish. Mexican Spanish is spoken in Mexico and some parts of the US and Canada.

I teach Castilian Spanish, and my exposure to Mexican Spanish language and Mexican food and culture has given me an added advantage of teaching Mexican Spanish. Moreover, I’m well-versed with Spanish spoken in other Latin American countries too.

About my Beginners’ Conversational Spanish Class


The best way to learn a new language fast is to speak it. It starts with picking up 50 words of a language and using them on people. And then, slowly start picking up grammar. It would be about learning 30 vocabulary words related to food, shopping, daily activities, etc. It would be about learning the culture of the people who speak that language.

The general opinion is that without learning grammar, it is not possible to speak a language. But reality is that even after completing three levels the student is not able to speak the language confidently because he or she has been studying the grammar all the time. Same is the case with school students who are made to study grammar all the time.

The fact is that you can hold a conversation with the basic grammar ground rules when you have a good grasp on a lot of vocabulary. My lessons will, of course, include grammar required for speaking the language.  The focus will be on developing good basic conversational skills. The students will take online practice tests which are freely available. Taking a test is a great way to motivate oneself to learn faster.

The class will have a “communicative” focus, concentrating on verbal interaction in Spanish and will cover:

  • Greetings and introducing oneself, alphabet, numbers, survival, grammar, professions, describing oneself, colours, time, days, months, seasons, weather, locations, family, animals, food, restaurant, clothes, telephone, travel, music, holidays, etc.
  • Pronunciation, Vocabulary and Practice, Spanish Grammar, Reading, Conversation, Writing and Culture.
  • Essential Mexican conversational words taught would be useful for those travelling to Mexico, USA or Canada.


By the way, I also provide online classes for English, Hindi, Marathi and French 🙂


Email me at: or send a message at Contact Me for fees and further details.



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