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Hey guys! Hope you all have been doing gr8 😀 It’s been more than a year since my last post so I hope you all missed me 😉

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Okay, so now let me do the first important thing and that is… Wishing all you wonderful readers “Good Health, Fortune and Resilience” as the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect life on Earth! 

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Most of my posts have been about travel, history, food and culture. And yet, I haven’t shied away from writing on other topics that occur to me on random. Today’s post is one of them 😀 

It came to my mind when I happened to see this thought-provoking image with an ancient proverb tagged to it. 


A number of stories can go with this proverb. My mind came up with one in an instant and I excitedly clicked open the Notes icon in my iPhone to jot it down. It didn’t take much time to complete the story. I took screenshots and shared it on My Twitter account. And now here it is, on my blog 😀

Hope you love it and the underlying message contained within. By all means, you can share this story with family & friends 😀

Happy reading 😉


“The forest was shrinking but the trees kept voting for the axe as its handle was made of wood and they thought it was one of them.”



The woodcutter’s axe struck its iconic pose on a tree stump at the entrance to the forest. The Sun watched as the iron axe glinted, showing off its majestic handle, crafted out of the very tree over whose stump it was now proudly resting.

“Look at me, I’m one of you,” said the Axe to the wide-eyed Trees in a sultry, seductive voice. The newcomer’s announcement was immediately received with great interest. The Trees discussed the event in hushed whispers.

How is it possible? How can she be one of us?

We are covered in green, our roots strongly grounded in this forest. And that shining thing dressed in wood, one of us, has a part lying asleep.

Wait, is he dead or just asleep? I mean, after all just a bit of him is left.

He was a silent type anyway, not interested in reproduction. Not much of a looker either.

Still, he was one of us. Just look at him now on that glinting iron…absolutely beautiful!

Gorgeous!!! She’s got a sexy voice too.” “But he, now she, was so tall. What ever happened to the rest of him?

The Axe spoke again. “Meet my mate, Iron. Together we have become Axe, the most powerful and coveted friend of the Man.”

There was complete silence as the Axe continued.

“You see, I was tired of being grounded here forever. Trust me, life is fun when you move around. Not like this little part of me grounded here, sound asleep.”

“But you were so tall and large,” a Tree interrupted.

“You’re right. I’m not totally lost. The rest of me is enjoying life somewhere else, being useful to the Man.”

This received some snide remarks on the Man. “We have heard some stories of the Man from the forest birds and animals.”

“No, no,” rebutted the Axe. “The Man is our Saviour, not the Nature. He can provide us with all that the Sun & the Water have been providing and much more. Above all freedom to move around and not be at the mercy of the Nature. The Man needs us and will do anything for our new lives. Trees need to undergo transformation, you all need to become one with the Iron, else you all will soon become extinct. The Sun won’t be here with us forever, the Water won’t be our friend forever… we cannot stand here forever just to die at the mercy of the Nature. You all have lost so many loved ones in fires too. Life is beautiful being the Axe, the House, the Furniture, etc. We will be well looked-after by the Man because he needs us. We won’t need to work hard at anything. Life will be easy. The Man will do it all for us.”

One Tree asked, “But won’t the Man burn us to keep himself warm? He may not always want to make something for us.”

To this, another Tree scoffed. “Don’t we destroy each other at times even though we are of the same kind? Why assume the worst of the Man? See how one of us has gone ahead and become the Axe, the Furniture or whatever while a part of him is still here, albeit temporarily asleep.”

The Axe got mighty pleased. “So who wants to be Axed next? The Man is a kind person and will not force himself upon you all. So?”

“I want to be a coveted friend of the Man! I want to become the Axe!” shouted a Tree, waving his branch.

Slowly, each Tree in the forest got excited, wanting to become the next Axe. It didn’t stop there. There were disagreements and fights over hierarchy of the Trees. Each thought he/she deserved to be the next Axe. The sudden turn of events delighted the crafty Axe.

Feigning anger, she made a loud announcement. “Instead of quarrelling on who will be the next Axe, why don’t you all choose transformation?”

“But what will happen of the birds and animals in the forest if we all go for transformation? They are a part of this forest too.” A Tree argued.

There was a loud chorus of opposition.

“We cannot just think about everyone else except us, can we? Birds and animals can move anywhere and everywhere, we cannot. We are grounded here forever, except for some of our lucky little ones who get carried away by the Water or birds or animals.”

All the Trees agreed on this. Finally, the decision was made. It was a unanimous vote. “LET’S GET AXED!”

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